Payton Murillo

Steps PDX — Payton Murillo —

Payton Murillo was born and raised in Portland, OR where he studied modern dance and ballet at Oregon Ballet Theater on a full ride scholarship, up until his senior year of high school where he became a principal dancer for The Jefferson Dancers. After high school Payton was accepted into twenty dance schools globally including AMDA, Point Park, CalArts, Nashville Ballet, and more. Payton went to CalArts for two and half years till he decided he wanted to pursue commercial dancing. Payton was then accepted into the Edge PAC scholarship program under the direction of Bill Prudich and Randy Allaire. Since Graduating from Edge, Payton has been signed to Go2Talent Agency and because of that Payton has danced for Disney, James Franco, G-Eazy, Bart Barker, Jaunez, Halsey and more. He also has acted/ danced in short films and tv shows such as Counterparts, A&E’s The Cold Case Files, and Rekindled. He has also had the honor to assist Jojo Gomez on The Voice with Charlie Puth and assisting her on Skechers 25th anniversary show. Payton has also choreographed for the soon to be released film ‘Point.’ Payton’s career has only just begun and he feels so blessed for the amazing opportunities he has been given, he welcomes the world of entertainment with open arms and ready for any new opportunity that comes his way.