Support the vision of Steps PDX and change the lives of youth through dance


At Steps PDX we value giving back to our community through outreach programs, quality affordable classes, and free workshops/events to the public. As part of bridging the gap for all dancers and non-dancers, we partner with schools in the Portland area to provide kids of all backgrounds, the opportunity to study and learn various styles of dance. That exposure and experience is something we highly value. 
With the help of your donations, Steps PDX will be able to provide more resources for our outreach programs as we continue to grow and get involved with more schools, award scholarships to more students, offer free dance workshops more frequently, exposing and furthering dance education, provide proper dance shoes and training equipment for students to earn a better education and provide the opportunity for students to experience performing in a full production setting. 

Your donations are greatly appreciated by the students and staff of Steps PDX who are hungry to learn and make a difference one step at a time.

Centennial Park School
Kairos PDX
Boys & Girls Club

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